10 Benefits of Adopting Adult Cats!

Original post – May 30, 2012 by Valerie Lee Veltre

Ahhh, the month of June. School’s out, the pool is open, and the barbeque is cookin’. Will Smith’s Summertime is on the radio and the kids are chasing lightning bugs. There’s Flag Day, Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice to celebrate, not to mention many more that most people don’t even know about.

How ‘bout Banana Split Day or Corn on the cob Day? Wash those down with Iced Tea Day. There’s Barefoot day, or if you prefer, Flip-flop day. Either or will work for World Sauntering day. My personal favorite is Leave Work Early Day.

If you are in the mood for a month long observance, you can opt for Perennial Gardening Month, National Smile Month or World Naked Bike Ride Month. (Oh My!) June is also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

Which frankly, makes more sense than National Accordion Awareness Month. Do you know that in late spring and early summer, shelters are bombarded with cats and kittens. Especially kittens. Last I checked there’s not a population explosion of accordions in the spring. Probably not ever. Adopt a Shelter Cat Month raises awareness of the struggle to accommodate and provide for the homeless. I believe it is a very important and valuable message. If you have room in your house and heart, you can make space for the incoming and continual wave of whiskers. Many shelters run specials: reduced adoption fee, BOGO’s, even often wave all fees. When you go to your local shelter, before you inspect the kittens, visit the grown-up kittens. They need homes too, and are often a better choice for many households. There’s many reasons why, and here’s ten for starters.

  1. Won’t be as time consuming as a kitten. (Babies are a lot of work!)
  2. Will already be socialized and mannered. He will know salad fork tines versus dinner fork tines.
  3. Have already gone through his “growing pains” i.e. no longer shredding curtains and knocking Grandma’s urn off of the mantle.
  4. Will be litter trained. He won’t mistake the oriental for the restroom.
  5. Be sedate. Most likely rather sleep than attack your feet at 3am.
  6. An adult cat will have already been fixed (no hormonal teenage angst).
  7. Be vaccinated. (you can buy an Accordion with the money you save).
  8. You won’t feel as guilty leaving him alone…especially if you get a BOGO.
  9. Fully formed personality. I am what I am. No need for a personality test.

10.  He’ll be grateful. “You like me! You really like me!”

No kitty, we really love you!

So please take time out from celebrating International Clothesline Week and Watermelon Seed Spitting Week and saunter on down to your local shelter. Find a new friend to spend June with, not to mention all the other months for many, many Strawberry moons.

Valerie Lee Veltre
Author of Moo Kitty Finds a Home


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